Hello everyone!

This is Rieti, my hometown, lovely isn’t it?

Rieti is a medium size town in the center of Italy, 87 km north of Rome, it’s quite nice and picturesque.mostly because of the charming landscapes and for the historical center of the city, that is still surrounded by medieval walls.

But the city itself is a lot older, its origins are legends nowadays, but it has been estimated that it was found during the Iron Age, around the VIII century  B.C.

Rieti sits in the very fertile lands of the Sabine, that still produce amazing olives that gives us a great olive oil renowned worldwide and it is a territory full of water sources that also have healing and healthy proprieties.

We serve most of the drinkable water of Rome.

That also brings to the legend of the rape of the Sabine women, following the legend Romolo and some romans kidnapped and wed some sabine women starting a war between the two populations, war that only ended when the women stood between their husbands and their fathers and brothers declaring that them couldn’t stand any more death.

After that the two populations started to mix and Rieti was annexed to Rome in 290 B.C.

In fact there are still remains of a Roman bridge in my city, in the Velino river, but nowadays only the gooses that live free in the river uses them to lay their eggs, nevertheless the remains are still quite lovely to see.

The city remained important in medieval times, because the popes used it as their summer residence, when Rome was too hot and contagious illnesses were spreading in the city, they used to come in my city where the air was way fresher and cleaner.

It is also famous because Saint Francis lived here and also built four sanctuaries that are object of pilgrimages and an attraction for a great number of tourists.

I love my city, as much as I’ve traveled in my life, I’ve never found another place as peaceful and charming as my hometown, I love to take walks in the medieval alleys, feeling like I traveled back in time, or alongside the river enjoying the sight of mount Terminillo, especially in winter when it’s covered in snow.

Also it’s quite the safe city, the criminality rate is one of the lowest in Italy and it’s all right even going back home alone at night, which is something that is rarely possible in other places.

It’s the perfect place to raise children that will have a lot of spaces and parks to play into but unfortunately the unemployment rate is growing and growing and all our factories are closing, and now the city is starting to became nothing more then a dormitory for the people who work in Rome.

I feel that my future will be somewhere else but I think that I’ll always love to come back to my city, and cherish every moment.


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