One of the most characteristic places in la Coruna is the Tower of Hercules, it is the oldest lighthouse still in use and it is 55 meters tall and was built in roman times.

I’ve decided to visit it walking from my home near the Riazior the stadium of the city (Go Deportivo!) and it took me a while but it was worth it, walking alongside the ocean shores let me see a lot o really beautiful landscapes and I took a lot o awesome pictures.

The lighthouse is set on a promontory and has a sculpture garden with works of Pablo Serrano and Francisco Leiro, also, just underneath it, there is the mosaic in the picture, showing a wind rose, one of my favourite designs ever.

The wind rose serves to indicate the origin of the winds in a particular region.

Anyway it was a very windy day and the show made by the blu waters and the waves coming to die on the cliff was majestic.

The tower is also famous because Pablo Picasso, whom lived in la Coruna for almost 4 years, loved it and used to draw it a lot.

Is actually one of the best place of the city, you can only hear the sound of the ocean and the screeching of the seagulls and smell the salt in the air.

It’s a great place to go to read a book or just to think.


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