One of the places I love the most in La Coruna is Maria Pita Square, it’s a very important location in the city and certainly the most important square in all the city, it takes its name from the heroine Maria Pita, that had a great role during Francis Drake’s attack to la Coruna in 1589.

The square is surrounded by very characteristic buildings with terraced buildings with some of the typical colored glasses that are very common in the city.

Getting to the square usually gives everyone the impression to be walking into a Royal Court, also because the square host the Town Hall and the Council building which is really beautiful and grand not only in size but also for the very fine decorations.

The square also hosts a lot of amazing cafes and restourants that will let everyone have their food while enjoying the great view and the closeness to the docks and the center of the city.

There is also a statue of Maria Pita in the square, which is really nicely conserved, but of course the elements took their tall nonetheless

In the place there is also a club I really, really love, named Rialto, it’s probably my favourite in the city and serves amazing cocktails and you can listen to lovely music (not the reaggeton that is broadcasted in most of the other places.

But the moment I really fell in love with the square was when they set up the Christmas wonderland (unfortunately mainly for kids), the place was so amazing and lovely with all the attractions, the games and the lights.

I’ve been there a couple of times, cursing myself because I wasn’t a kid and I couldn’t go on the attractions, my favourite, of course, was the Carousel.

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