You know, it’s kind of difficult and scary going to live with new and unknown people, I mean, they could be thieves or some kind of psychopathic.

That’s…unsettling, and also it’s hard to live with someone else, everyone has his own habits, his own schedule, so sometimes (a lot of times) things you do are going to upset your housemates, other the things they do are going to upset you.

You have to be patient and count to 10 and smile because in the end it doesn’t really matter, your housemates are the people you spend most of your time with, so it’s better to become friends!

I’ve lived with two spanish girls, that helped me a lot practising the language, that are very special to me, I met one of them in Italy, she was spending her erasmus in Rome in my university.

We have become good friend, and we have spent some really nice nights watching tv shows or movies and drinking hot chocolate.

But the times I loved the most were the ones in which we used to prepare dinner together, normally we were to tired to cook but sometimes we used to decided to cook together and invite some friend over.

That was fun, all the three of us in the small kitchen, speaking in some moments in three different languages, and trying to do something at least edible.

I’ll miss them very much, but I hope to see them soon!


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