One of the best experience in Erasmus is that you get to go on trips with all your friends!

The ESN group organized amazing trips for the erasmus students, unfortunately I couldn’t go to all of them, but I’ve been in the one to Vigo and Ciel island, which is a natural park with gorgeous landscapes and a lot of flora and fauna.

On the island there is only one small supermarket for the campers (you can camp there, but only in summer and you have to book first) and a bar, the visitors are asked to bring their own food from Vigo.

But you also have to be very careful, most of the animals will try to get your food and you have to prevent it, because is prohibited, otherwise the wild fauna will stop to hunt and to try to find food, if you’re caught to feed the animals you’ll have to pay a fee!

Also there are no trash can on the island, for the same exact reason, animals will go in there in search of food (that reminds me a very funny thing happened to me in Maxico when an iguana came out of the trash can and startled my mother), and of course hunting or fishing is prohibited.

I think this is right, this way the island can remain beautiful and mostly untouched, gifting the visitors with great landscapes and amazingly clean waters to swim in.

In Vigo we had a very nice girl from ESN that took us around the city, that is very charming (but not as much as La Coruna) and explained a little about it, but of course, being us young people and being us erasmsus students we couldn’t wait for the evening event: the party!

It was really nice and we all danced togheter and drunk something, it was super fun and it will remain a very nice memory forever!

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