One of the Erasmus benefits is to get to know people from other countries, so when you become friends you can go see them in their countries.

That’s what happened to me, since I made a really good friend with a Portuguese girl named Diana, I’ve decided to go with her in her home town: Guimarães.

Guimarães is a lovely city, so full of colors and amazing building and places, and also has a very important castle up on a hill named “Sagrada”.

It is one of the most ancient castle in all Portugal, and is very well kept if I must say.

Unfortunately I hadn’t enough time to go visit the inside, since I only stayed a couple of days (again thanks to Diana’s family whom was so kind to have me in their home), but I’ve seen the outside and I loved it.

Maybe I’ll go back someday and I’ll visit it.

I loved the city very much because, even if it’s prettier, it’s very similar to my hometown with a medieval center and a very nice central square with a lot of bars and clubs which at night host a great number of young people.

What I liked a lot about it is the people, they were always smiling, they seemed so nice and friendly.

Is not that easy to find people like that around, nowadays everybody is always on the run, has something to do or had to be somewhere else, and usually they don’t have even the time to smile to a stranger.

Anyway, as I said I loved it and I’ll probably be back to see a lot more of Portugal.

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