The cuisine in Galicia is not the same as in the rest of Spain, that’s probably because this region had a lot of Celtic influence, being so near England.

I wasn’t really excited about it, not only because I’m used to italian cuisine (of course), but also because being on the ocean this city has a lot of dishes based on seafood which I’m not really a fan of.

Coming from a place surrounded by mountains I’m more used (and also I prefer) to meat of every kind, but to really know a culture try the food is one of the first steps you have to do.

So I forced myself a little and I started to go out and to try new dishes, and I found out they are not as bad as I thought, and I found myself starting to have a crave for seafood.

Not everything of course but some dishes are really amazing, like the Galician recipe for octopus, I simply love all the spices put in it and consistency of the octopus, but I’ve also enjoyed different kind of “tapas” made with fish, like the one in the picture.

It was some sort of shrimp and crab cold cocktail and it was truly great.

The Galician cuisine, even if not that much inventive or original, has a lot to offer to everyone who is ready to try it.

And you can’t forget to try the famous beer “Estrella Galicia” (Galician star) which is also really tasty and refreshing.


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