Traveling is the one thing that can teach you more than studying, seeing the world, meeting new people and dealing with different problems will teach you to be tolerant, patient and will open your mind.

If you’re a traveler, a real one, the color of someone’s skin won’t matter, someone’s language won’t be an obstacle, someone’s religion just a topic to talk about, you’ll end up learning the strangest and at the same time the most useful things, you will learn to appreciate the differences between countries and to support them.

Being a traveler will, at the end, make you a better person.

That’s why anyone, if he has the possibility, should choose to spend a period abroad during his studies course.

Erasmus is a great way to grow up, surrounded by different people of different countries, and become a better adult, you’ll learn to make friends and how to live in a complete different country from your own.

The experience will teach you to be responsible, to live by yourself but at the same time will give you the chance to have the time of your life and make friends for life.

The Erasmus life is a period of first times, of studying and learning but also of partying and having fun and experimenting the freedom of not being under your parent’s supervision.

Also there is data that erasmus students are more likely to have success in life, since they learned to cooperate with different people in an unknown surrounding.

I loved my erasmus experience, I met amazing people and learned a lot about myself too and that’s why I would do it all over again.

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