“Life in Hong Kong transcends cultural and culinary borders, such that nothing is truly foreign and nothing doesn’t belong.”

 Peter Jon Lindberg

The thing I love the most is traveling, doesn’t matter when, doesn’t matter if I am with someone or alone, the need to discover to learn makes me want to pack and just leave.

There is nothing like traveling, it makes you not only open yourself to the different, to the new, but it makes you discover yourself, your true self.

It shows you your limits and, at the same time, teaches you to overcome them to fight and grow, to adjust and appreciate everything, doesn’t matter how different or far from your own culture.

Sometimes you’ll find something you’ll love, some other time you’ll find something you hate but at the end the whole of this experiences will make a different and better person.

In 2014 I spent almost an year in China alone, doing internships, it was my first time so far from home for such a long time, I was scared and excited, I’ve always loved the eastern culture and I couldn’t wait to face it but at the same time I feared I wouldn’t be strong enough, that I couldn’t have done it alone.

But you know what?

I made it.

Not only I made it, but this experience is the best I’ve ever had, everytime I think about it I feel nostalgic and I want to come back.

Sure, it was difficult, the first day I got lost in the streets of Shenzhen and no one spoke English, I tried to ask for help but no one understood me, I walked for a long time and then I remember sitting down on a bench and starting crying in panic.

I stayed there for almost an hour then I stopped and I said myself I had to solve it by myself, my parents weren’t there to help me that time.

So I stood up and started walking again, it took me almost four hours and a lot of wrong turns but in the end I made it.

That was my first lesson but also the most important: never give up, everything is possible.

Then I went to Hong Kong to work and it was amazing, I had never saw a city like it, people from every country worked and lived together in a such a cramped space, Hong Kong is made of skyscrapers because trying to reach the sky is the only possibility they have because the island is so small.

Lights everywhere, people always busy with something, strange accents and all the languages you can imagine…it was overwhelming.

It took me a little bit to get used to it but then I started to explore, it is unbelieavable how such wealth and amazing buildings can be so near to such poor alleys, dark and dirty, with houses so shabby and in need of repair.

I think that is one of the reason I loved it so much, the extremely pronounced difference between the poor and the rich, in such a cramped space.

This things are usually ignored by the typical tourist that only cares for the beauty of a place, but in this little things there is the true charm.

The second most amazing thing about Hong Kong was the food…everything you wanted you could find it and it was extraordinary.

In my streets only I had japanese, thai, italian, turkish, chinese, greek and russian restourants.

Always open, always ready to serve food.

I learned a lot about myself in China and I’ll never be grateful enough to my parents for giving me the opportunity to go.

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