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Traveling is the one thing that can teach you more than studying, seeing the world, meeting new people and dealing with different problems will teach you to be tolerant, patient and will open your mind. If you're a traveler, a... Continue Reading →

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My Erasmus Experience

My journey to La Coruna

Where I’m from

    Hello everyone! This is Rieti, my hometown, lovely isn't it? Rieti is a medium size town in the center of Italy, 87 km north of Rome, it's quite nice and picturesque.mostly because of the charming landscapes and for... Continue Reading →

The tower of Hercules and the true north

One of the most characteristic places in la Coruna is the Tower of Hercules, it is the oldest lighthouse still in use and it is 55 meters tall and was built in roman times. I've decided to visit it walking... Continue Reading →


You know, it's kind of difficult and scary going to live with new and unknown people, I mean, they could be thieves or some kind of psychopathic. That's...unsettling, and also it's hard to live with someone else, everyone has his... Continue Reading →

Erasmus Trip!

One of the best experience in Erasmus is that you get to go on trips with all your friends! The ESN group organized amazing trips for the erasmus students, unfortunately I couldn't go to all of them, but I've been... Continue Reading →

Plaza Maria Pita

  One of the places I love the most in La Coruna is Maria Pita Square, it's a very important location in the city and certainly the most important square in all the city, it takes its name from the... Continue Reading →

A little trip over the border

One of the Erasmus benefits is to get to know people from other countries, so when you become friends you can go see them in their countries. That's what happened to me, since I made a really good friend with... Continue Reading →


The cuisine in Galicia is not the same as in the rest of Spain, that's probably because this region had a lot of Celtic influence, being so near England. I wasn't really excited about it, not only because I'm used... Continue Reading →

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